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Starting or growing a private practice can be overwhelming!

Maybe you are just starting a practice and are feeling stuck, not knowing what to do first.

Or maybe you have survived the first 100 days, but you are exhausted from all the hours you put in, and you are yet to reap the rewards.

Or perhaps you have been at it for years and have a steady flow of clients, yet you don't see any profits, or worse, you still have not managed to pay yourself a salary!

If you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to focus on first to create the practice of your dreams, then this quiz is for you. Not only will it identify which stage of private practice you’re in, but it will tell you exactly what to focus on right now to grow a profitable practice.

We are a community of health professionals going through the same struggles

and we are here to support you and hold you accountable ...


Learn how to implement effective, ethical marketing strategies and tactics to make your services known.


Get financially fit.

Learn to plan for profit in your private practice and finally pay yourself a salary.


Learn how to work both in and on your practice and still have time with optimized operations.

Hey there, I'm Tasneem Abrahams

I'm an Occupational Therapist, entrepreneur and closet geek. Before discovering my amazing profession, I considered becoming a sound engineer! Today I am both an OT and the all-things-digital-nut who founded a Digital Marketing Agency in 2015.

Through the years I have seen countless health professionals struggle through the day-to-day of trying to grow a profitable private practice - doing all the things, feeling stuck, not knowing what to focus their limited time on to grow their practice, AND still navigate the strict ethical guidelines set by the HPCSA!

Sound familiar? My mission is to help South African health and wellness practitioners in private practice ditch the overwhelm and build the profitable practice of their dreams.

Our resources and community will help you overcome the overwhelm of starting and growing a private practice.

Choose your preferred method of learning.

Let's get started


Looking to upskill your business skills, need a step-by-step guide to starting a practice, or need to develop your business mindset? We have a range of prerecorded webinars, workshops and mini-courses for you to choose from.


Have a question about private practice? Chances are, there is already a free video that answers your questions. Why pay for the answers when you can get it for free?

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Get bespoke, individualized support and attention by booking 1:1 coaching with Tasneem. Book adhoc sessions as you need, or purchase a bundle and get access to your own personal client portal and 4 modules of course content mahala!

What people are saying...

"These lessons have been invaluable"

These lessons have been invaluable to help me look within, find my purpose, figure out where the practice can grow, and identify pitfalls.

Private Practice Growth Course Member

"I have a good workable plan to get me to my next few steps."

Tasneem really made the clutter in my brain clear and organized. I have a good workable plan to get me to my next steps. Thank you for a truly wonderful, insightful session.

1:1 coaching client

"It answers so many questions I don't know where to find the answers to..."

Hi Tasneem. I found myself watching more of your videos over the weekend and I just want to say thank you for providing the information. It answers so many questions I don't know where to find the answers to.

Youtube Subscriber

"As a new OT, I am so thankful for you!!"

Hi Tasneem. Ihope you are well!!

Thank you first of all for all your help with the group - wow! For a new OT, I am so thankful for you!!

Facebook Group Member


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